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Earn 20% Commision

Continue to earn revenue from your clients with WP Extend as your partner for a year.


Show off your WP Extend agency status with co-branded landing pages and control panel.

Agency Account Features

As a WP Extend agency you get access to the following account features:

  • Co-Branded Page
  • Push To Client Account
  • WP Support
Co-Branded Landing Page

Co-Branded Landing Page

We can create a co-branded landing page after you sign up to show your customer that we are official partners.

The landing page also drops an affiliate cookie so your client doesn't have to follow an ugly URL.

Check out what a co-branded landing page looks like below. We can alter the landing page for each agency as per your request.

Push to client account

Push To Client Account

Develop your clients WordPress website on your own free account then push it to clients account for them to take over all billing.

Automatically earn 20% of everything your client buys from WP Extend for the first year. Including after sales services.

After-Sale Purchases

WP Support

We offer everything needed to ensure your clients website stays up and is secure.

Recommend our higher priced solutions that come with WP Support to earn hands off income while your client remains happy.

Co Branded Landing Page Example Co Branded Checkout Example

The Guerrilla Agency

Our co-branded agency landing page with The Guerrilla Agency looks great and shows potential clients that we work closely with them.

Clients are followed into the checkout process with the co-branding still present to increase conversion rates.

Showing a united-front between web design agency and hosting company fills clients with the confidence that they can trust both parties.

View Live Landing Page

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Example Earnings

What sort of money can you earn with the WP Extend agency program?


Hobbyist Solution

$3.80 - $45.60


Orginisation Solution

$15.80 - $189.60


Enterprise Solution

$25.80 - $309.60

Not an agency?
Are you looking to refer clients but you are not an agency?
You need our standard affilate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find an answer to a commonly asked WP Extend agency question?

Do I have to provide my own support?
  • We provide the hosting support across all 3 of our ready made solutions. We ensure that the hosting works and remains as fast as possible.

    WordPress support is available with the Orginisation and Enterprise.

    Our WordPress support covers much more than the traditional hosting support does:

    + Theme Installation

    + Plugin Installation

    + Help With Theme & Plugin Development Issues

    + Help With Creating A Site & Best Practices

    + WP Speed Optimisation

Is the WP Extend agency program free?
  • Its totally free to join the agency program.

    Just use the sign up form to join and you could be ready to go the same day!

How do you track which customers are my referrals?
  • We provide you a unique affiliate link as well as a co-branded agency page that automatically drops a tracking cookie.

    You can transfer a website developed on your own account to a customers WP Extend account and we will mark that as your referral.

    In rare cases, if you were not able to tag your customer you can message us direct and inform us to manually assign you as the referrer.

I'm stuck while developing a customers website, can you help?
  • For agencies that are actively promoting our hosting and switching customers to us we are more than happy to help with development issues.

    We have been working for with WordPress for many years and can say that we have never been beaten by an issue we couldn't fix.

    Catch us on live chat or raise a support ticket to get an answer ASAP.

I want to work on a customers website without disturbing its visitors, is this possible?
  • Raise a ticket with us or catch us on live chat so we can set up a staging environment for you on a temporary URL.

    Once we show you how, it can be easily replicated if you need it again.

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